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A Guide for New Players

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Welcome to Euphoric City, this guide provides you with useful information to help you get started in our server!

First Things First​

FAQsA list of frequently asked questions that will hopefully answer most, if not all, of your questions.
RulesMake sure you have read the rules before entering the server, there will be no excuses for rule breaks!
FiveMTo be able to play on our server, you'll need to have FiveM installed on your computer with a legit copy of GTA V - it doesn't matter which client you used to install it.
Link your Discord accountYou will need to have your Discord linked to be able to play on our server.
Join our DiscordYou will need to have joined our Discord server to play on our FiveM server.


Getting Started in GTA RoleplayA video guide to help you get started in GTA Roleplay, it goes into the basics of character creation as well as writing a good character.
Common 'In Character' SayingsA list of sayings to use while roleplaying, this will prevent you from breaking character.
Ways to Improve Your RoleplayA guide on improving your roleplay, handy if you feel like you need some tips to get you started with character and story building.

Other Useful Guides​

Keybinds & CommandsA list of useful keybinds to use while in the server.

Character Creation in the Server​

  1. Create your character! If you get stuck on the loading screen, you may have to wait a little longer as it is your first time loading in.
  2. Add a new character and select that character's gender, first and last names, and their date of birth.
  3. Once done, select that character and then the spawn button.
  4. Customise your face by selecting 3 'parent' faces, and using the sliders accordingly - again press Escape on your keyboard to continue.
  5. Customise your clothing, and when you're ready, press Escape on your keyboard to continue (this will be your only time to get free clothes, so choose carefully!)
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